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Why is the iGency different to the other entertainment agencies?
The iGency is a small agency ensuring a personal touch. Your event is important to them.

The iGency is run by partners Suzanne & Ryan who between them have over 30 years of professional performance experience. They have been there and done it. They have toured the world with with their work, performed with may different people on many different stages and gathered invaluable experience into what it takes to create the best entertainment out there. Most agents have never set foot on a stage and have no real musical knowledge, meaning that often they can’t actually tell the difference between what is good, bad or average. The iGency are experts.

The iGency create and work closely with all there acts and are constantly trying to improve every aspect of their performances meaning you get cool, stylish, contemporary entertainment of the highest standard. You can book the acts through other agents but you will get the most competitive prices through The iGency as you are essentially cutting out the middle man. These guys directly manage their bands.....Quality not quantity.
I’m not sure which act I want, can someone help me?
Absolutely, we know our acts inside out so just let us know what you require and we can offer our advice and assistance.
In addition, we are always happy to discuss bespoke options to suit your specific event.
Should I be nervous booking an artist online that I’ve not seen before?
We totally understand concerns about booking an artist you’ve not seen before. However, we personally manage and mentor all our acts and they have our very high standard seal of approval. We have over 30 years experience of professional performance experience, meaning we have been there done it and know what it takes to be excellent. We only work with the finest talent. All of the photos, demos and videos we create for you are a great representation of what you get. Check out the acts testimonials from other happy clients for peace of mind.
In most circumstances it is not possible to see our bands live as they perform at private functions. Due to the fact they are private, we can not obtain access and would hate to intrude on anyones special day or big event. Bands who regularly play publicly at pubs etc are probably not the type you’d hire for an important private party as pubs don’t pay the money required for top quality acts.
On the very rare occasion that our artists might be doing a public show, we can not guarantee that they will still be available for your event by the time you get to see them. Our bands get booked very quickly so if you find one that you like, you are much safer basing your decision to hire them on the strength of their demos, play list, biography and references from other customers. We really do try to make the footage and demos as true to life as possible so what you see is what you get.
How do I make a booking?
Just drop us a line letting us now the act you are interested in. We’ll get a quote over to you straight away. Once you’re 100% sure that you want to go ahead, we’ll issue a booking contract to you. You then pay a small deposit which can be made via bank transfer. In most cases, the remaining balance is payable directly to the artist on the day of the event. You can make payment in advance to the act if you prefer, one less thing to think about on the day!
What security do I get if I book one of your artists?
We only work with trusted professional individuals. They will not let you down. If for any reason a band member is unable to perform we have a pool of fantastic team members who are rehearsed and ready to step in. The quality of the product will never be compromised. They are not allowed to cancel a gig unless you both agree on it.
What if I need to cancel?
Where cancellation is made within 48 hours of confirmation no cancellation fee is due unless the event date is within the following 7 days, in which case the full booking fee will be due.

Where cancellation is made after 48 hours of confirmation but 90 days or more from the event 25% of the total remaining booking fee is due to the ‘artist’.

Where cancellation occurs within 90 days and up to 61 days of the event 50% of the total remaining booking fee will be due to the ‘artist’.

Where cancellation occurs within 60 days of the event, 75% of the total remaining booking fee will be due.

Where the cancellation occurs within 30 days of the event, 100% of the total remaining booking fee will be due.
What is the 'Rider' and do I need to provide anything else for the artist?
There are no diva requests from our team however we do require a few things for our bands & artists.

Changing rooms...Somewhere to change comfortably would be appreciated and it helps if there is a mirror, electricity supply and comfortable chairs. Using toilets as a changing room is an absolute last resort. Ideally the changing room should be secure and somewhere that the band can safely leave such things as day clothes, valuables and bags etc.
This can also double up as a quiet space to go between performances. If no changing room is available, please let the band know in advance.
Food and drinks...It’s generally a long day for bands. In the case of most bands, the duration of their time away from home is approximately 12 – 16 hours, running from the time they leave home until the time they get home.
Because of this, it’s important that they get a good meal, so hot food or access to a good quality buffet is always very much appreciated.
If for some reason it is not possible to cater for the band at your venue, let them know well in advance.
Please ensure your hotel or catering staff are aware that the band needs to be catered for. Please also ensure bar staff are aware that soft drinks, teas and coffee are free for the band or alternatively make arrangements for plenty to be provided in the bands changing room.
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